Prices About Image Amstelveen reduced from 1-10-2019 Do you also want less clothing stress? Looking good every day? No more hours in front of your wardrobelooking for what to wear? If you no longer want to feel fat in your clothes? Have more self-confidence and therefore also more success? Radiate who you are and Lees meer


Have a dream, the seguel

The sun always shines behind the clouds, sometimes you have to look very carefully Have a dream the sequel. Why me, Shirley Tdlohreg, is fouding the Back To Life foundation together with Yvonne Doff and Sabine Boog! On March 22, 2016, I, Shirley Tdlohreg, end up in the merry-go-round of breast cancer. One in Lees meer

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The beginning I have a dream

The beginning I have a dream About Image 13 years In the beginning I have a dream my dream About Image. It is exactly 13 years ago today that I went to the Chamber of Commerce to register my company About Image, image consultancy for companies and individuals. They have been nice beautiful and Lees meer

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Foundation Back To Life

Life continues even after breast cancer so back to life with the Back To Life foundation! 1. Breast cancer affects one in seven women a year in the Netherlands. 2. So about 17,000 women with breast cancer are to be added every year, they are told, "Unfortunately, you have breast cancer" 3. There is Lees meer

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