Need professional help from About Image with your external presentation?

• So you stand in front of your wardrobe every morning yourself asking: “Wwhat am I wearing today?
• When you give workshops to companies and you don’t have the intended business image?
• Are you ready for a new professional image because you always miss that promotion?
• Do you soon need your best friend’s wedding and therefore urgently need a nice fitting festive outfit?
• If you want your staff to look professional, representative and well-dressed
• When you organize the annual company outing and you would like to do a coulour advice workshop with the team of women only.


Do you always want to look well dressed and therefore look successful with the help of Shirley from About Image?

1. For a good appearance because that gives more confidence.
2. Because a good personal presentation also has a positive influence on your inner self.
3. You want to stand out from the rest and always be well dressed.
4. Want a good business image because it has a positive effect on yourself and also on the people around you.
5. Want to belong to the group of well-dressed people and have more success, both business and private.

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By making your staff aware of this, they come across as more reliable, motivated and competent. Shirley Tdlohreg, About Image is happy to assist you with this. Since 2006 she has given hundreds of workshops on external presentation. This to numerous companies, business groups and private groups. And more than 2000 individual advice on color, style, clothing and image. Invest in yourself and your outward presentation and in that of your staff or colleagues.

Call Shirley on 06-20417381 for information and reservations or complete the contact form 

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