About Image Amstelveen, consultancy for external presentation since 2006

About Image Amstelveen, consultancy for external presentation through color, style, clothing and image. Shirley Tdlohreg, image stylist and personal shopper is the founder of About Image Amstelveen. Shirley Tdlohreg, distinguishes herself from the start in 2006 by her unique approach. About Image is not an average consultancy for external apperance. Dare to be different is her motto. Professional knowledge, long experience, professionalism, passion and love for her profession as image stylist and personal shopper. This in combination with good service are her starting points.

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Shirley explains the after drapes to the customer during the color advice.

About Image Amstelveen is not a thirteen-in-one dozen consultancy for external appearence

Are you looking for a professional color advice, style advice and clothing advice, the presentation for a business network event or your company day on external presentation? A fun interactive workshop, such as the I Love Fashion workshop for your own private group, ladies only. You certainly do not want the well-known boring color advice. Or the umpteenth 13-in-a-dozen presentation about the business dress code or the calibrated style advice workshop and clothing advice? You search and you want something different, something fun and something unique? Then you are at the right place with About Image Amstelveen and Shirley Tdlohreg. Since 2006, About Image has provided more than 2000 individual advice and more than three hundred workshops. Curious about what About Image can mean for you personally, your company or your organization? Call Shirley at 06-20417381 to make an appointment and for more information or complete the contact form.

Fashion is what you buy and style is what you do with it!

My passion and love for the profession of image stylist and personal shopper is my starting point. Because everyone is beautiful and real beauty is on the inside. I take your beauty out and I teach you how you can do it yourself. With the right clothing that matches your personal taste and style. And with the right size and fit, color based on your unique “True colors”, you too look beautiful, nice and always look good. It doesn’t matter if you are fat or thin, tall or small, white or tinted. It does matter which clothes, which colors and which style you choose.

Shirley Tdlohreg               Image stylist and personal   shopper About Image