The range of advice and services About Image

At About Image, image consultancy you can go for advice and services in the field of external presentation such as:

-Individual image advice for a good look and a first impression that works. This so that you will get that new job next time and you will
no longer miss a promotion.
You don’t have to participate in a TV show for a makeover!
– Shopping with a personal shopper for everyone who could use some help with buying the right new clothes. Whether this is for your
new job or for your best friend’s wedding, look nicer with a little help.
Wardrobe check with wardrobe planning at home if your wardrobe needs to be cleared. You can’t find anything in the morning to
wear and that’s why you often wear the same clothes.
True color color advice if you regularly hear from others that you look pale or tired probably because you wear the wrong colors.
– Style advice if you have a lot of bad buys or are regularly estimated to be older than you are because your clothing is dated and your
figure no longer flatters.
– I Love Color workshop with color advice 3.0 lady’s only including color analysis and free color card. As an interactive part of your
bachelor party, girlfriend’s day or reunion of your year club, so much fun to do together. Fun and useful, discover which colors suit
you best and why.
I Love Fashion workshop with style advice 3.0 including figure analysis and style tips per figure type, lady’s only. Fun and useful as
an  interactive part of your bachelor party, reunion of your year club or your girlfriend’s day. F
rom now on “Dress to impress” so no        more miss out for you!

The range of advice and services from for business groups and companies.

As an entrepreneur, supervisor or manager you know that a good external presentation is very important for a first impression that works. On the basis of your external presentation and your voice and what you say, others form an image of you, your staff and / or colleagues and therefore your company. About Image and Shirley Tdlohreg can assist you and your staff or colleagues in this and advise you?

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