Color advice and clothing advice including color analysis for men and women.

Colors are everywhere and they help determine the first impression you make on others.

  • Do you know what impression you leave with the colors that you wear today?
  • Which colors suit you and which colors do not suit you and your true colors?
  • You communicate through colors so how do you come across and how do you want to come across?
  • Where do you place the accent; your eyes / face or upper body?
  • Do you know that seven out of ten people regularly wear incorrect colors?
  • Do you also belong to this large group of people who wear the wrong colors?
  • Or do you wear as your ideal colors based on you true colors?

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The result after the true color color advice with clothing advice by About Image:

  1. No more wrong colors and therefore no more expensive bad buys.
  2. You always look good, even if you don’t have your day.
  3. Never the wrong hair color again because you know which hair color suits you.
  4. Harmony between the color of your eyes, your hair color, your skin color and your clothing.
  5. More confidence and therefore more success, both private and business.
  6. Including up-to-date advice on your ideal fashion colors for fall / winter 2019/2020 for your clothing and matching accessories.

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Are you now interested in color advice with color analysis including free color card by About Image? Do you want to make a reservation today?

  • During the color analysis you will receive advice about your best colors and your true colors.
  • The color advice lasts approximately one and a half hours at a single person rate of 135 euros.
  • For two people 125 euros per person.
  • For three or more people, the rate is 110 euros per person

Including double-sided color chart with free color card. All prices include 21% VAT and excluding 21% VAT for entrepreneurs.

To make an appointment or a reservation, please call 06-20417381 or fill in the the contact form