Life continues even after breast cancer so back to life with the Back To Life foundation!

1. Breast cancer affects one in seven women a year in the Netherlands.
2. So about 17,000 women with breast cancer are to be added every year, they are told, “Unfortunately, you have breast cancer”
3. There is hardly nobody who has no family member, friend or acquaintance who has not had this nasty disease.
4. Those who arrive on time have good prospects for healing and full recovery from breast cancer.
5. The complete recovery and reintegration after breast cancer diagnosis is a difficult, long road.

The long, difficult route of reintegration and therefore enjoying your life again.

There is a lot of attention for women with breast cancer and a lot of support during the healing process. But if you are (almost) better, you have to rely on yourself. Also when picking up your work again. This through your job or your own company and your social life so reintegration and enjoy your life again. The BTL foundation wants to give you a helping hand in this and also give you a helping hand.

Back To Life Foundation and its target group, its vision and mission

Target audience:

Women with breast cancer or women who have had breast cancer and are recovering after treatments and operations. And do or have already done the rehabilitation process and reintegrate.


Give those women a fun afternoon by helping them find their new look and new insights.


Through your outer presentation, your clothing in your own style to match your “true colors”. You radiate that you are well again and that you are (almost) better. And so be ready for “Back To Life” or reintegration and enjoy your life to the full again!

Target for target audiance:

The goal is to participate in the free workshop color advice or free workshop color – and style advice to make you feel better. And to feel or start feeling good again, both outside and inside. This is partly due to the new insights through following the workshop and also radiating this again


Implementation of mission, vision and goal of the Back To Life foundation

  1. The BTL foundation wants to help a number of women every year by offering free workshop on color advice and free workshop on color and style advice.
  2. The workshops are given in small groups of 4 to 10 women by one or more image stylists.
  3. It is precisely those women who give a nice afternoon and help them find their renewed appearance.
  4. By means of your outer presentation, your (new) clothing in your own style that matches your “true colors”, you radiate that you are well again and that you are (almost) better.
  5. You are ready for back to life so reintegrate and take control of your own life.

Reaching the target group of the Back To Life foundation

Handouts and publications via blog website About Image and its own website (after creation), newsletter About Image, Facebook, contacts with breast clinics, rehabilitation centers and walk-in homes brings the foundation to the target group for registration, participation and implementation.

Donations and sponsorship after foundation of the BTL foundation

Money is needed to give the color advice workshops and color and style advice workshop. For this, the BTL foundation is dependent on donations and sponsorship. BTL will also organize a number of fundraising events and promotions every year to raise money to run, operate and operate the foundation. BTL is an ANBI foundation, the donors can deduct the donations for income or corporation tax. BtL does not pay gift tax after incorporation.

Helping hands are always needed, do you also give us some support?

Everyone knows someone in his /her immediate environment who has or has had breast cancer. Do you want to help give this group of women a helping hand and little push in the right direction? In the form of a donation, sponsoring, helping to organize the annual events, becoming a member of the board or something else? Then contact the Back To Life foundation, because the BtL foundation can always use a helping hand and a few helping hands. Will you help us too? Then mail to foundation backtolife (at)

Back To Life Foundation is established in week 42

Preparations for the establishment of the Back To Life foundation are in an advanced stage. The board will consist of treasurer Sabine Boog, Yvonne Doff, secretary and me, Shirley Tdlohreg chairman. Website is made, logo is ordered! To be continued!

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