The sun always shines behind the clouds, sometimes you have to look very carefully

Have a dream the sequel. Why me, Shirley Tdlohreg, is fouding the Back To Life foundation together with Yvonne Doff and Sabine Boog! On March 22, 2016, I, Shirley Tdlohreg, end up in the merry-go-round of breast cancer. One in seven women has breast cancer during her life. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, you soon enter the trajectory of operations, possibly supplemented with chemotherapy, hormone treatment and radiation. Unfortunately I am now also an experience expert in this field.

Have a dream, the follow-up foundation Back To Life

There is a lot of attention for women with breast cancer and a lot of support during the healing process. But if you are (almost) better, you have to rely on yourself. Also when picking up your work again. The Back To Life Foundation wants to offer women who have or have had breast cancer and are in their rehabilitation process a free workshop on color and style advice. This so that they feel better again. And to help these women a little with reintegrating into society and thus allowing them to enjoy life. We are also committed to better information and (after) care for cancer in general.

Back to life dreams come true if you work hard for it!

Since December 2018 I am Back To Life again full time working and available again as image stylist and personal shopper and as PA. Now, September 2019 besides my work as image stylist & personal shopper and PA, I have been busy for several months with the foundation of the BTL foundation with the corresponding ANBI status. I have found two inspiring women and she me: Yvonne Doff as secretary and Sabine Boog as treasurer. We are committed to the mission, goals and implementation of the Back To Life foundation.

stichting-Back-To-Life-oprichten-Shirley-Sabine-Yvonne-borstkanker-workshop-kleur-en stijladvies-

Without that support and help, no Back To Life foundation

I, you can call me Shirley, the chairman and founder of the Back To Life foundation, Ik, zeg maar Shirley, de voorzitter en oprichtster van stichting Back To Life, make this very happy. It gives me positive energy, the spirit that I need for my company About Image and for the Back To Life foundation. With many thanks to Angligène Servania-Woods of the Bridge, Amsterdam and Sabine Boog & Yvonne Doff, the two co-founders of the Back To Life Foundation. I also thank many others, such as my dear mother, my great support in good and bad times!

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