Style advice including figure analysis and clothing advice anyone who wants to look nicer with a little help and advice.

Can you answer one or more of the following questions with “YES”:

  • Are you unsure whether the clothing you wear fits you?
  • If you think the style advice might be something for you?
  • Are you often feeling too fat in your current clothes
  • Do you not know which clothing suits your figure and your personal style?
  • Are you always estimated to be older than you really are because your clothing is old-fashioned and therefore dated?
  • Do you stand in front of your wardrobe every day and you don’t know what to wear?
  • Did you gain or lose more than 5 kilos in the past year? 
  • Have you done another “bad buy” because you don’t know what your personal style is and really suits you?

Then you are ready for style advice with clothing advice and you will soon look nicer, different, younger, leaner or just a bit fuller.

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The style advice including figure analysis and clothing advice from About Image by Shirley will make you look better and more fun. You learn and discover how you can look nicer, slimmer, older or younger. This by making the right choice of clothing with a little help from Shirley. And to accentuate your plus points and camouflage your points of interest. This way you create balance in your figure with the right clothing style and matching accessories. And so you show who you are and who you want to be. This way you create beautiful, soft harmonic lines and your figure is balanced. This improves your personal appearance and you have more success, both business and private.

During the style advice with figure analysis you get advice and tips about:

  • which clothing style best suits you and your figure. the fabrics, the designs, and the accessories such as shoes, bags, that fit well with your style and your personality.
  • your ideal hairstyle and accessories such as (sun) glasses and more that suit you.
  • the items of clothing that should not be missing in your basic wardrobe. how to change any floppers into toppers based on the garments from your wardrobe.
  • the real bad buys from your wardrobe to stop wearing them anymore

To make an appointment, call 06-20417381

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After personal style advice and clothing advice by About Image, Shirley

  1. You will receive the digital style book that has been compiled for you as a handy reference with style tips and tricks.
  2. You have found the perfect clothing style that matches your age, your lifestyle and your personality.
  3. Do you know how to accentuate your positive points and camouflage your negative points?
  4. No longer you will have expensive purchases because you now know what suits you and your figure. 
  5. Do you know which hairstyle and hairstyle suit your face and style personality?
  6. You can choose the ideal (sun) glasses for your face shape

Invest in yourself and do the style advice in combination with the true color color advice by Shirley from About Image.

By doing style advice with clothing advice through About Image, you too look better and better.

– Discover your personal style, your style personality and your clothing style, your hair style, accessories and more that suit you best.
– This in combination with the true color color advice.
– Rate color and style advice all-in from € 325.00

It is also possible as part of the image advice at your home or on location in Amstelveen.

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