About Image provides workshops and training to multinationals, SMEs, the national government, and municipalities. As well as individual business image advice to employees of these companies.

Below a selection from our customer base:

Portfolio BIC5                 About Image                    Portfolio- About Image - De Belastingdienst

Portfolio - Delta Lloyd-referenties-About-Image-Amstelveen                   About-Image-Amstelveen-referenties-portfolio                   

Portfolio - Athlon-referenties-About-Image-Amstelveen                      Portfolio - UWV              Portfolio - Apotheek Kroeten-About-Image-Amstelveen-referenties

KAS BANK-referenties-zakelijk-About-Image                   referenties-zakelijk-About-Image-workshops            Portfolio - Delta Lloyd-referenties-About-Image-Amstelveen

Portfolio - Accenture-referenties-About-Image-Amstelveen                                        

                      Portfolio - ABN-AMRO bank-About-Image-Amstelveen




For information and booking call About Image Shirley 06-20417381 or fill in the contact form including your phonenumber