The beginning I have a dream About Image 13 years

In the beginning I have a dream my dream About Image. It is exactly 13 years ago today that I went to the Chamber of Commerce to register my company About Image, image consultancy for companies and individuals. They have been nice beautiful and turbulent years of trial and error, and therefore of continuing. Now after 13 years About Image, older and wiser, still going strong. I am very aware that having my own business goes well with peaks and troughs. Just like life itself.

Time for new dreams

Life is full of nice and less nice surprises and things that come your way. The things that come your way, fun or dislike, always provide opportunities, new dreams and challenges. My big wish for 2019 is to realize the Back to Life foundation. To be able to give a nice afternoon to women who have or have had breast cancer. With new insights that help them to resume their lives, so Back To Life!


The beginning I have a dream About Image 13 years and new dreams

Doing business is also with ups and downs and keep looking for all the new opportunities and following your heart. And dreams, especially keep dreaming about doing things that you find important and want to do. And also have added value for your company. One of my dreams is to found the Back To Life Foundation. I cannot and will not do that alone. And step by step, deliberately with the help of others. I have a Dream, the legendary words of Dr. Maarten Luther King senior. They killed him, but his words live on forever thanks to Martin Luther King junior. If you want to help make my dream come true, mail to shirley (at)


Now it’s time for a party About Image 13 years!

About Image and me are doing well again, after a period of being ill and rehabilitation. And now that the sun is out, I slowly come out of my “winter mode”. Also an image stylist needs a new look now and then so I go to the hairdresser today. Tidy up my wardrobe and make room for the new wardrobe that I will soon be buying. And celebrating a bit today About Image 13 years, time for a party! Read more about it in the newsletter About Image


Change your world and start with yourself, the beginning I have a dream

It all starts with the beginning I have a dream, do you dream of looking nicer, slimmer, thicker, thinner, more feminine, more masculine or different? Can I help you with your new look? Would you like to look nicer, longer, slimmer, thicker, shorter or different? Are you starting a new career after completing your studies? Or have you started your own company and do you need help with your business appearance? Then we look together at which About Image can be of service.

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