Do you also always want the right clothes for business and private use, then the wardrobe planning with wardrobe check is what you need now!

Can you answer “YES” to one or more of the following questions?

  • Do you have a wardrobe full of clothing and yet not to put on?
  • Do you prefer to wear the same type of clothing for every occasion?
  • Are you unsure whether your clothing still suits you?
  • Is it difficult to get rid of items of clothing that you no longer wear?
  • Would you like advice on making the right clothing combinations?
  • Do you dream of always wearing the perfect clothing for every occasion, both business and private?

wardrobe-planing-About-Image-at-your-house-by-Shirley     wardrobe-planing-withe wardrobe-check-man-about-image

Then I have the solution: the wardrobe planning with wardrobe check by me Shirley, image stylist / personal shopper at About Image

  • The wardrobe planning with gaderobecheck is at your house
  • It is possible as part of the individual image advice.
  • Also possible after consultation with the color advice with style advice by About Image or elsewhere at your house.

Go for wardrobe planning with wardrobe check through About Image, Shirley at your house. With guaranteed results; the ideal wardrobe with always the right clothes, both business and private.

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After wardrobe planning with wardrobe check by About Image:

  • Your wardrobe is completely up-to-date again
  • Only the clothes and accessories in your closet that match your personal style and figure.
  • You have more insight into which items of clothing you need to supplement your basic wardrobe.
  • If all your not fitting clothing is possibly made suitable again by a tailor.
  • Have you said goodbye to the clothes that no longer do justice to your figure and therefore your appearance and style.
  • Plenty of time left in the morning because you are no longer in front of your wardrobe wondering What To WARE.

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The best time for a fresh start for fall and winter 2019/2020 is now!

October/november, so now, are the ideal months for wardrobe planning with wardrobe check for winter 2019/2020. But the wardrobe planning and wardrobe check can always be done. Such as:

  • when you have finally reached your ideal weight after a stomach reduction with diet and you no longer fit most of your clothing.
  • because after promotion you will start your new job at another department within the same company
  • you have just started your own business.

Rate from € 250 for wardrobe check with wardrobe planning duration one day part.

Do you also go for a fresh start with a tidy wardrobe with only good-fitting, nice clothing that suits you? Fill in the contact form or call 06-20417381 for more information and to make a reservation