Workshop business color advice for a first impression that works!

Colors are everywhere. They are therefore associated with certain characteristics such as professional, business, reliable, authentic, boring, decisive, or creative. So by consciously choosing certain colors, you convey a message. You will discover what your true colors are and what message you convey during the business color advice workshop for companies and groups.

When is dark blue desired? When can you best wear your red tie and when not? Which color red suits you; the cool red or the warm red? Do you wear a tie or not? How do you choose the right color for your shirt? How do you choose the right color blouse or top? What colors do you choose for your accessories such as bags and shoes with your business outfit?

The meaning of the colors


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Workshop true colors business color advice in practice

Discover during this interactive workshop which colors enhance the personal and business look you desire.

  • The starting point is your true colors and your matching color season.
  • The theory is based on the 4-color season system subdivided into a total of 12 mix types.
  • All participants (m/f) receive brief personal color advice including color analysis. 
  • The additional hand-out color & clothing.
  • For all participants (m/f) explanation about the use of color with accessories.
  • For the ladies, there is hand-out make-up advice regarding color use according to your color season.
  • Option for a handy color card that matches your “true colors” and your color season.

Rate & location of the workshop about business colors

The workshop is especially for business groups and companies. The workshop is interactive and can be given at various centrally located workshop locations in the Randstad, such as Amstelveen, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Maarssen, The Hague, Rotterdam,  or at your company in consultation. By 1 or 2 or more image stylists depending on the number of participants (m / f). The rate for the workshop true color business color advice is on request.

Go for the workshop true colors business color advice, success assured!

Well-dressed and well-groomed employees radiate more self-confidence and professionalism. That is why more and more companies and business groups are going for business workshops through About Image. Your company too? Invest in yourself, in your staff and/or colleagues, and do the business color advice workshop about About Image together.

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