Business workshops are always tailor-made and tailored to your specific wishes and the company.

Every person is unique, every company is unique so every business workshop by About Image is unique! About Image’s business workshops for companies and groups can be combined well. They can also be used as an interactive component for your company presentation and company event or partner programs. About Image is happy to put together a tailor-made business workshop in consultation with you. This is tailored to the specific wishes of your company, department or organization. About Image, Shirley Tdlohreg has given more than three hundred workshops to companies, business groups and private groups since 2006.

Every person is unique, every company is unique; Well-dressed and well-groomed employees are the calling card of every company.

  1. Stand out from your competitors for more success.
  2. Strengthen your company image by letting your staff distinguish themselves from the “gray mice”
  3. Every company is unique and every person is unique.
  4. By making your staff aware of this, they come across as stronger.
  5. Also more motivated and more competent to the customer.

Well-dressed and well-groomed employees also radiate more self-confidence and professionalism. This also gives a good first impression about the quality and professionalism of your company or organization. And certainly also contributes to a successful company image. So invest in yourself, your staff or colleagues and do one or more of the business workshops at About Image because it works!

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Business workshops for business groups and companies and the offer by About Image:

  • Workshop “True Color” business color advice, colors or business.
  • Business style advice and business clothing advice, style of business.
  • Mirror training, who are you, who do you want to be and how do others see you
  • External presentation and personal branding, the best version of yourself!

Do you want information about what About Image can do for you? Do you want a quote for the workshop style advice and clothing advice, the business mirror training or one of the other business workshops by About Image because it works! The business workshops can be given at various workshop locations in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Almere, Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam or in-company.

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